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Why might a hybrid office model help your business to survive post-pandemic?

After this year of uncertainty, one thing is for sure – the world of the workplace has changed for good. Thus, we explore how a hybrid office model might help your business in the post-pandemic world.

What is a hybrid office model?

With a hybrid office model, employees have the flexibility to work wherever they desire. In some cases, businesses might interpret this model as allowing some employees to work fully from the office whereas some are based fully at home.

On the other hand, employees might work from home a couple of days a week and choose to work from the office the rest of the time. Due to this flexibility, the hybrid office model has many benefits that might help your business to survive post pandemic.

Benefits of a hybrid office:

  1. Safer during the tail-end of the pandemic

Even though it seems as if we are coming to the end of the pandemic and the vaccine rollout has been extremely successful, the COVID-19 virus is likely to continue circulating after the pandemic, in a way which might be similar to the flu.

Therefore, it is important to not rush back into our normal pre-pandemic habits, instead exercising caution and extra safety measures for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, a hybrid office model allows for social distancing, less commuting, and other covid-safe precautions to continue in a way that will make your business flexible and disaster proof.

  1. Geographic flexibility

As employees are not necessarily required to work in one physical place, this means that your company has the opportunity to hire the best talent from all over your city, the country, or even the world. That’s right- a hybrid office model allows for complete geographic flexibility.

  1. Scalable physical office space

However, not everyone will want to work from home. Indeed, some people might like to use a functional office space every now and then. The caveat of this is that you might not know how much space you need on a day-to-day basis.

When this is the case, why not consider a scalable start-up space. These spaces have flexibility for anywhere between 1 to 1000 desks, depending on what your business operations requires day-to-day.

By opting for a start-up space or serviced offices, this allows you to save money on rent and other utilities that might be wasted when no one is using the building. Instead, you can benefit from a cost-effective versatile space which can be easily upscaled or downsized on any given day, for same Hire a computer to further scale down on office amenities

  1. Increased productivity

According to a research publication by Microsoft, during the COVID-19 pandemic leaders saw tangible business benefits associated with a more flexible approach to working, including increased productivity and increased operational efficiencies.

  1. More focus on employee happiness and wellbeing

Results from a SurveyMonkey study suggests that employees who worked remotely during the pandemic were happier than those who remained working in the office. However, as time goes on it is quite easy to start feeling isolated from your colleagues whilst working from home.

Therefore, a hybrid office model allows those who feel happier working remotely to do so, but also offers them the freedom to come into the office occasionally, to regain that sense of community and overall promote mental wellbeing.

And there you have it, 5 ways that a hybrid office model help your business to survive post-pandemic.

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