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What To Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended & Some Tips To Prevent It

Well, 2020 is the hit year for generating revenue for Amazon users. But most of the user’s accounts get suspended. Those sellers who don’t follow the rules and regulations got stuck in this situation. If you’ve just got your account suspended, just relax and let this post guide you on what to do for Amazon Suspension Appeal.

Before proceeding further, you need to know the difference between suspensions, denied, and banned.

  • Suspension: Appeal can be made by following proper criteria.
  • Denied: Appeal is rejected but you can send them a revised POA.
  • Banned: The worst situation in which you have lost all chances of your account recovery.

How Do I Do An Amazon Suspension Appeal?

The first and foremost step is to submit amazon an acceptable Plan of Action (POA) within their Appeals portal. You have to send this plan of action via the Amazon Sellers account with all the documents asked. If you fail to receive a reply within Amazon’s designated response time, then you should try sending an email or policy team queues with your POA. There are multiple avenues for an appeal, but you need to make sure that you appeal with proper content.

Invest a lot of time and effort into your initial submission, because non-viable POAs can expect denials from amazon. To regain Amazon’s trust after your account has been suspended, write an amazon suspension appeal with a successful POA by identifying your reason for suspension and take responsibility, and acknowledge the harm you’ve done to the customer.

How To Prevent Your Amazon Account From Being Suspended?

Here are a few tips for amazon suspension prevention and for maintaining your amazon account in good well-being.

●      Follow The Policy Of Amazon

Amazon has strict seller guidelines to prevent fraud and keep its customers happy. So if you want Amazon Suspension Appeal, follow all the guidelines set by amazon.

●      Fake Or Illegal Products Should Not Be Sold

If you want your amazon suspension prevention, avoid selling fake products. Amazon is very strict with those who sell illegal products using inaccurate addresses for invoicing. So it’s better to keep an eye on your Amazon reports regularly.

●      Don’t Let Your Seller’s Performance Drop

Poor account health, decreasing seller metrics and negative customer feedback can ultimately lead to account suspension. Don’t let it drop. I repeat, don’t. Amazon gets worried if you aren’t providing the best possible customer service. Therefore they will conduct a review of your account to see what’s going on and if they are not satisfied they will suspend your account.

Prevention is better than cure, so these are just a few ways by which you can prevent Amazon suspension prevention.


So this was all about making the appeal and amazon suspension prevention. If you go through such a situation keep calm and remember that when it comes to product authenticity, Amazon is very strict. So make sure you sell accurate and new products to the customers within the specif mentioned time period.

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