April 17, 2024

So you’re working remotely. No, this isn’t an opportunity to watch a series all day and lounge around in your pyjamas whilst occasionally responding to an email here and there. This is about empowering yourself to be productive, and successful and creating the perfect space in order to achieve your goals and do your best.

There are some factors you’ll need to give thought to before you plug in your laptop and charge your phone. Things like – do you know where your space will be, do you have adequate room, have you got the right technology to support your needs, do you even know how to install your technology, and are there distractions around that can keep you from getting tasks done? Figuring this out beforehand will save you time and even money. Plan ahead so you can hit the ground running and acknowledge that this way of working requires determination and discipline.

Power on

Let’s start with an obvious but often overlooked consideration. Plug-points. Having enough plug points for your equipment is vital for a smooth operation. You don’t want to be mid-way on a video-conferencing call with a potential client when all of a sudden your laptop has run-flat – that’s not going to give that winning first impression. Keep the connection strong by ensuring you have enough adapters and multi-plugs in place as a top priority.


Natural lighting is a must. If your designated space is without windows, invest in some good quality light bulbs for your ceiling light fixtures or stand-alone lamps. Avoid those harsh strip lights and if you can, add a houseplant that will do well, such as Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue. These plants provide oxygen and don’t require a lot of natural light. Check out for more indoor plant ideas for your perfect virtual space.

Minimise distractions

Noise and other distractions can dampen your productivity. Finding a space where you’re able to close yourself off from the rest of the house is a huge help. Without knowing it, family members probably think they’re tip-toeing around ever so quietly while you’re hard at work. In reality, to you, it may sound as if there’s a herd of elephants stampeding through your living room. Remember that if there are others around, they also need space to unwind after their day, or to work or rest. Working on the sofa, therefore, probably isn’t going to be the best plan.

Aim to identify an area that gives you some privacy and space from other distractions, whether those are people, or the tv and fridge. Noise-reducing headphones are a clever way to block out distracting sounds so that you can get your work done, check these nifty options out.

Good furniture

Find a good chair and desk. Whether you’ve claimed a section of your bedroom or you have an entire home office at your disposal, having a good quality chair and desk space will make a world of difference to your productivity. Back strain is no joke, and in order to put the hours in, you’ll want to make sure your comfort is taken care of. Some great chair ideas can be seen here. Similarly, when you’re looking for a desk, think about your storage needs as well as the space you have available. You’ll be glad you measured up before realising your new desk is not the right fit.

Technology and outsourcing

Technology has given us so much to work with and improve our lives in every way imaginable. Just think of bots and drones. An automated system that works while you sleep, responding to queries and generating forms. There’s huge value there.

There’s still something to be said for the human element. Take virtual assistants for example. They are experts in their remote working capabilities. They’re the human AIs of today. Often highly skilled individuals with a background in blue-chip organisations, virtual assistants come with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. They’re here to take care of all the big, and small things so you’re free to focus on the areas of your life and business you’re best at and where you add the most value.

AVirtual provides award-winning virtual services at a fraction of the cost compared to UK agencies. Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, their assistants are English speaking, educated industry experts in a wide range of business deliverables. Whether it’s social media engagement, marketing, administration, or anything you can think of, these professionals are serious about their work ethic and providing exceptional service. Use a virtual assistant to add value to your life and your business, you won’t regret it. AVirtual offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and instant cancellation if you’re not completely satisfied with their service.

Parting thoughts

Thanks to COVID-19 there has been a massive and enforced global shift in the way we work. Remote working and outsourcing have never been more widely accepted and utilised. The old model of employer/employee relationship is already beginning to feel antiquated. However, you choose to create your perfect virtual office space, make sure it’s appealing to you and sets the tone for how you want to live and function at your best, every day.