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Methods to implement and practices to avoid in link building

Many businesses create new websites every day. But unfortunately, not all of them can successfully compete due to implementation of poor link building methods. Some websites are unable to keep up with the changing nature of SEO requirements. Most search engines agree with the fact that if there are links pointing back to your website, it can be the top most ranking factor as well as a requirement. Other than the ranking factor, links pass on trust, constitute the web and make search engines show the way towards your website.

Link building is the practice of improving quality and quantity of links to a website aiming to improve the SEO ranking of your website. Link building may look as an easy task but as you delve deep into the process, it can be quite tiresome. Also, the results, whether good or bad, can be time consuming. However, if you’ve done a good job, the results would definitely be rewarding.

If you feel you lack the time to focus on link building activities, you can always take the help of agencies such as This agency offers Perfect link building services  UK and can help you create a strong online presence.  They also offer SEO services and work as an extension to your team with a focus on producing the best results and profits for you in a less amount of time.

Link Building Methods

One of the best and effective ways of link building is to carry out case studies and post the results of the research. However, ensure that the results are accurate to the best of your knowledge. If this works out, you would be one step closer to becoming an authority website that belongs to your niche market. As a result, people would end up sharing content and links provided in your website. Let’s take a look at a few link building methods.

Make Use of Social Media: Social media is not just a place to share your photos, videos and opinions. As many people spend a lot of time on social media, it has become an excellent tool to help in building and promoting online businesses. One of the simplest ways to utilise social media is by sharing the content as well as the links to your platform, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. Once it’s seen people would begin to interact with your content such as liking, sharing and even posting comments regarding the content, image, video or infographics. When people interact with your content, it helps you to increase the positive image and trust among consumers. This would lead to getting your content or posts shared with a wider range of audiences.

Consider Blogging: Creating blog posts based on your niche market consistently can help visitors engage with the content. It also provides you with an opportunity to engage in various link building strategies such as reciprocal linking, in-text linking and so on. However, keep in mind that it’s very difficult to keep up with the consistency factor of posting fresh and relevant content when the brand takes off. In such circumstances, either you have to handle the workload or outsource it to perfect link building agencies.

Identify Common Backlinks of Your Competitors: If you plan to get on top of search engine results, you will have to identify how your competitors perform. For this, you will be required to do a thorough analysis of each competitor. If you can identify common backlinks the same as your competitors and create more authoritative backlinks, it can help you rank above their website. Various backlink analysing tools can help you for the purpose of identifying common backlinks.

Identify and Recover Dead Backlinks: Dead backlinks are a frequent occurrence, especially if a website is moved, relaunched or if the link has some flaws. When users click on the link, a 404 error would show that the backlink is dead. However, there are various tools that can help you find out the dead backlinks so that you can either redirect the link to the existing ones or to re-link by providing the current URL.

Convert Mentions to Backlinks: This is an easy and effective way of link building if you master the niche market. Turn all mentions of your brand into a backlink by contacting the webmaster so that the traffic from that website would reach your website as well. This is considered to be very effective if the ‘mention’ comes from an authoritative site.

Make Use of Videos: Just like how backlinks are for written content, video backlinks can provide an equal opportunity for link building with the help of social media shares, reciprocal linking and in-text linking to mention a few. At times, videos can be a better alternative for relying on information and people would prefer watching a video rather than reading something from a website.

Link building Practices to Avoid

As much as your efforts could be beneficial, it could also result in being counterproductive, especially when you are new to link building. Inexperienced people can easily slip into engaging in bad linking practices and it might happen every day! Here’s a list of some of the bad link building practices.

Web Directories: Web directories can be an online catalogue of websites that may provide a paid or free reference to a third-party website. This might not seem to be wrong or unethical. Unfortunately, some directories are of no value to consumers. They might have been blacklisted by the search engines. Make sure that your website is not added to such directories. Also, ensure the directory is beneficial before adding it to your platform. Use directories that are relevant to your niche for best results.

Reciprocal Linking: Reciprocal linking takes place when your website places a third party’s inbound link on your website and the action is approved by the third party. This is an excellent idea but can prove to be dangerous when done in excess.

Link Buying: Almost all search engines hate the unethical practice of buying links. Your website can be penalised if caught. Buy Backlinks UK might also counter-react as they might be of low quality in most cases. It would be better to avoid link buying considering the risks involved. Building high-quality links, the old-fashioned way, would help in making your content great and you can also optimise it to generate natural backlinks.

If you consider the number of websites in the world, boosting the SEO rank would contribute little to nothing as the ranking might not remain constant. If SEO is not done the right way, chances are such that your website may not even show up in the first 15 search result pages! This shows the importance of link building for businesses as well as websites in the world of internet and technology.

Having a great website with high-quality content would make it easier for you to acquire backlinks naturally, without spending much time on gaining links. Perfect link building services in the UK is rather common, so if you prefer outsourcing your link building activities, the agencies that specialise in this activity can certainly help you. Perfect link building agencies also offer SEO services. So get in touch with a reputed agency to get to know about their link building packages and SEO packages.

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