April 17, 2024

Increase Sales through Social Media Posts during Holidays

Content marketing has become one of the most sought-after ways of reaching out to customers and increasing business sales. In fact, content marketing strategies are incomplete without the inclusion of social media marketing techniques and ideas today. That’s how necessary it is to make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest marketing tactics during this holiday season. After all, now is when ecommerce sales will hit an all-time high potentially.

While you don’t need any research or statistics to acknowledge the information above, you might surely require the help of some of the best content marketing companies available in South Africa, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

Increasing Holiday Sales through Social Media

Social media posting and engagement is a crucial driver for business sales. Interestingly, nearly 28 percent of shoppers wanted to use social media for gift shopping! Here are some ideas to help you improve your social media marketing efforts and make more holiday sales.

Remain Calendar-Friendly

The first step in making sure that your social media posts and marketing efforts are on point is by noting down crucial dates. For example, staying up-to-date on all upcoming holidays, themes, and trends can help you adapt better compared to when you’re operating unscheduled and un-updated.

You have to schedule your social media posts and other activities according to upcoming holiday events and festivities to engage the highest number of potential customers.

Be Real with Customers and Social Media Users

Often, when you post on social media, you will get a ton of likes and shares. But, you’ll also get several comments ranging from best to worst. Engaging with those users can help promote your brand and products

Note that over 40 percent of social media users assume that brands will reply within the first hour of the comment. In short, stay attentive, online, and active to make sure that users and potential customers notice you.

Mention Your Products and Post Lightly

Light posts are the ones that get the most responses as people are in a rush to complete their holiday shopping checklist. Sharing goodwill and gratitude can motivate people to notice you. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your products and services. However, do so subtly, so you don’t sound sales-y in front of your social media audience.

You can use holiday trends and hashtags to make your posts appeal to users. Moreover, you can acknowledge how your products and services coincide with the holiday theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Can you increase sales through social media?

Social media encourages customers to notice brands and their products/services, and this can convince them to make a purchase.

Is social media marketing costly during holidays?

Unless you’re going for paid social media ads, the organic social media marketing efforts won’t cost anything in terms of money.