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As a business owner or professional using the internet to reach new clients and grow your business, you are surely aware of the importance of having a website for your business.

Your web page is the front hand of your business in the digital world. It is the place where most things happen and where most likely people collect the main information they need and finalise purchases.

However, having just a website is nowadays not enough anymore. If your goals are increasing your brand awareness and conversion rate, your website needs more than just a few images and some generic information about your business.

I am going to explain myself better.

Did you know that the average user spends less than 10-15 seconds on a website?

This often happens because too many websites look quite similar and share the same message. When people look for information, they most likely visit multiple different pages, checking the one that responds the most to their needs.

This means that if your website looks and speaks too similar to your competitors’ ones, it doesn’t stand out when a visitor land on it.

Your visitors are not going then to feel motivated to stay on the page and go through the buyer’s journey. And once they leave your page, they are going to find it hard to remember something too similar to everything else.

All this will be translated into a high bounce rate, reduced conversion rate, and reduced chances for your potential customers to remember about you and come back in another moment.

How can your website stand out?

In a so overcrowded world as the internet, things are changing rapidly and continuously.

In the beginning, when fewer people were relying on digital platforms, any website was receiving good visibility and was able to drive a high number of leads and conversions.

As time goes on, more and more businesses are using the internet to market their products and services, and the competition is continuously raising.

What before was receiving attention is not getting the same today.

People most likely buy when they have a problem to fix or a need to fulfill. As the first impact with a company that they don’t know, they just care about if you can fix their problems or fulfill their needs.

That’s what will make a higher percentage of your visitors to stay longer on your website and contact you.

Nowadays, if a business wants to stand out and grow, it must sell emotions and experiences, not just products and services.

This will give your potential customers the reason to stay longer on your website, collect more information, and go through the buyer’s journey designed for them.

This is how you increase your business conversion rate.

How can you get a website able to glue your visitors and convert a high percentage of them?

Serendipity Marketing, as a leading web design agency London, is an expert in creating high converting websites for any business.

Creating a website able to sell emotions and experiences, stimulating the right driving forces into your target audience to drive them through the buyer’s journey is not a copy and paste strategy.

It comes from a detailed deep knowledge of your ideal clients.

What experiences is your target audience craving for?

What is their behaviour when looking for information to fix their problems or fulfill their needs?

What are the main driving emotions that push them to behave exactly that way?

Every business is unique and sells to a specific target audience with specific characteristics, behaviour, and emotions.

An efficient website strategy is always bespoke and specific to your business.

Serendipity Marketing’s unique methodology mixes marketing strategies with psychology principles, allowing them to get to know your target audience at a deeper level, uncovering the secret reasons for their behaviour, and creating an efficient website strategy to implement into your page.

Serendipity Marketing, as a web design agency London that uses psychology to empower marketing, takes the time to learn your business and your ideal customers, building a website completely in line with your brand and able to convert a higher percentage of visitors.


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