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Everything You Need to Know about Becoming an Expert Virtual Assistant

If you want to work in a rewarding and dynamic career, one of the best career paths to take nowadays would be as a virtual assistant. It’s a career that gives you freedom and flexibility, and it enables you to do what you are really good at – such as managing someone’s social media accounts or organising their files and data or their schedule. It’s also quite lucrative because it allows you to earn well and do something on the side. But what does it take to be an expert virtual assistant? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is it?

The first question on people’s minds when asked what a virtual assistant is and what they do is much like a personal assistant. And yes, a virtual assistant’s work is similar to that of a personal assistant, but there is a difference as well. Virtual assistants are ultimately preferred over personal assistants because not only can they work remotely – employers and business owners can save a lot of money and time when they hire them because they don’t have to work like a full-time staff. Employers can hire them on an as-needed basis (project- or task-based) or hourly. Aside from this, virtual assistants enjoy the independence and flexibility of being remote workers; anyone can also be a virtual assistant as long as they have basic office and work skills.

What services does a VA offer?

In many cases, a virtual assistant is expected to provide administrative work, scheduling, bookkeeping, invoicing, and the like. The tasks expected of a virtual assistant can be as diverse as they come, depending on what the client needs and the virtual assistant’s skill sets. But all in all, some tasks and responsibilities include answering, monitoring, and organising emails; answering, directing, and making telephone calls; transcribing documents; and providing customer support in the form of order-processing and answering queries.

In addition, a virtual assistant may be expected to organise documents and files for the company or business proprietor; make appointments; do research; manage a company’s spreadsheets; enter data; coordinate calendars and schedules; and even generate leads. As you can see, the responsibilities and tasks are as diverse as they come – which is why it pays to take skilled courses and training to be more able to work properly and be more competitive in the market.

How to become one

If you are interested in becoming one, there are certain steps you could take. For one, you could first identify and determine your skills and what you are good at – for instance, if you are good at computer skills, you should highlight this in your resume. In addition, if you are good at communicating clearly and concisely, you should highlight this, particularly if you are adept at written and verbal communication.

Once you have determined your skills and what you can offer, it will be easier because you know which clients to target and which tasks you can perform. Aside from categorising the services you can provide, you should also have a good idea of the fees you will charge: per hour, per day, per week, or completed task.

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